The Great Unanswered

Prayer of Jesus::



Jesus’ prayer to the Father in John 17:20-23 was that His family will come together in unity:

“I pray not on behalf of these (Jews) only, but also for those (Gentiles)

who believe in Me through their message,

that they all (Jew & Gentile) may be ONE.

Just as You, Father, are in Me and I am in You,

so also may they be ONE in Us,

so that the world may believe that You sent Me.

The glory that You have given to Me I have given to them,

that they may be ONEjust as We are ONE

— I in them and You in Me —

that they may be perfected in UNITY,

so that the world may know that you sent Me

and loved them as You loved Me.”



He’s calling us to see each other as His bride — with our distinctions and quirks and abilities. We are all Image bearers of the Creator and when we appreciate the differences within His Kingdom family and come together in love then we experience the unity and glory that Jesus and His Father experience. This is when His Kingdom breaks through the darkness of the current age and manifests His love.

By connecting with the larger family of Messiah we experience His diversity and creativity. Sometimes our differences seem insurmountable. The world will know He is GOD because we can look past the difference –– culture, ethnic, gender, age, theology, economics, education –– and come together as a holy and beautiful bride, standing together in harmony, calling for the return of the King.


How To Pray

  • Salvation of Israel & the Nations
  • Unity of the Family of Messiah
  • Outpouring of His Presence and Glory (Joel 2/Acts2)
  • Peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122)
  •  Protection for the Jewish People
  • Humility and Love Toward Others
  • Pray Specifically for Tikkun Global, Hatikva Project, Remember Jerusalem, Kingdom Living Messianic Congregation 


Sound the great shofar for our freedom,

raise a banner for the nations,

gather the exiles of Israel

and unite us together from the

four corners of the earth.

Blessed are You, LORD,

Who gathers the dispersed of His people



*adapted from the traditional Jewish Amidah prayer based upon

Isaiah 11 and Isaiah 61