The Messianic Jewish community is the glue that physically unites the family of Messiah. We all need each other and GOD desires us to come together, Jew and Gentile, confident in our unique distinctions, yet unified in the love of Jesus.




Headquartered in Jerusalem, Revive Israel Tikkun Global is an international Messianic family of ministries, congregations, and leaders, dedicated to the restoration of Israel and the Church, the unity of Jew and Gentile in the body of Messiah, and the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Remember Jerusalem is a Tikkun Global Affiliated Ministry.

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The Hatikva (Hope) Project is a Messianic Jewish Israeli ministry with a threefold ministry focus: Hatikva Aid helps Messianic Jewish believers and other Israelis who experience financial crisis. Hatikva Dental provides two full-service dental clinics in Jerusalem and Haifa where they boldly treat patients in the name of Yeshua and subsidize the cost for those in need. Hatikva Families focuses on the promotion and facilitation of adoption and foster care in Israel. Tom Blake is a board member of Hatikva Project USA. 

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Kingdom Living Messianic Congregation is a part of the Tikkun America network of congregations aligned with the Tikkun Global Messianic Family. Located in Shawnee, Kansas, it is an elder led community of Jewish and Gentile families bonded together as one in the love of Messiah Yeshua so the world will know and believe the love of the Father. 

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Gihon of Hope is a Messianic Jewish ministry contending for the destiny of the Ethiopian Jewish community. Led by a Messianic Jewish Ethiopian family, their heart is to demonstrate the love of Yeshua by caring for the physical and spiritual needs of the Ethiopian Jewish community and serving as a connecting point for the unity of the family of Messiah in Ethiopia, America, and Israel. 

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